Rachel Mahon PhotoI help organisations create effective marketing and communication strategies to support positive social change.

One of my key strengths lies in the vast breath of my experience – I’ve been a significant stakeholder in marketing and fundraising campaigns for Comic Relief and Shelter, recruitment campaigns for The Irish Tourist Board and VSO, sustainability communications strategy for Axa Insurance, employee engagement at NEST, brand identity for the Centre of Public Impact and proposition development for Sue Ryder.

Another strength lies in understanding how to engage audiences in complex propositions. I’ve helped organisations, including HMRC, NEST, Axa Insurance and Dept of Energy and Climate Change communicate complex, often dull, rarely sexy subject matters – from tax credits to climate change, pensions and investments. My strong sense of empathy means I can easily put myself in others’ shoes, including those of your audience and understand what will work to engage them.

Have a mooch around the site, read about my work and what clients and ex-colleagues have to say about me and if you’d like to have a chat, why not get in touch.